Centuries of Silent Colours

The works in this collection are directly related to my passion for the beauty of corals and seabed fauna. Throughout the centuries, corals have been represented in art, sculpture, and jewelry. This fascinating creature has charmed humanity across generations and cultures. In Greek mythology, Medusa’s blood turns seaweeds into coral. Islamic societies dubbed coral one of the “Gems of Paradise,” while Romans believed it could protect them from evil. While the world of art and decoration tried to make sense of coral, philosophers and poets did as well. In the third century, Theophrastus described coral as a petrified plant, whereas two centuries later, Ovid’s "Metamorphoses" made a reference to “plants that are soft and alive beneath the surface of the water—turn to stone upon contact with air.” By the tenth century, Science classified coral as an animal, and was then seen as a sentient form.

While my work highlights the fragility of coral, morphing it into something new and artistic reinforces its beauty and slows the progression of the damaging change. Fragile life forms and porcelain become solidified through the completion of a piece. Because of the timelessness of coral and ceramics, history, science, poetry and current life are blended into one.