Artist Statement

Unmoving beings were once believed to be inert, but through time we have learned how truly alive they are. 

I often find myself expressing feelings onto motionless but living beings. Coral, tree trunks, rock formations all change and morph through time, yet to the naked eye, they are very still. Science has become concerned with the fragility of our environment, a concern that is unfortunately not shared by all. Time is speeding up for our environment, and choices that are made now have much stronger effects on the planet than they did previously. All my work is concerned with the environment, and I begin my process by selecting fauna from which to derive an artistic expression. Once something representative of the life form has emerged, I morph it into an expression of my experience.

In tandem with this inspiration from natural forms, I draw upon my memories of childhood and my feminine spirit for the creation of these pieces. By combining the use of form and color, each piece expresses its own personality. 

In an attempt to push the material to its limit, I introduce natural fibers in the development of the sculptures. Afterwards, I apply several layers of oxides and glazes, giving each piece a unique color palette directly related to the form that it embodies, then magically, each piece inscribes itself with cracks and traces through the process of firing. 

I am driven by enjoyment of the process and excitement to experiment. I often begin my work without a plan, allowing it to become something I had not expected. Taking cues from what develops, often what is being made can change course in the middle of the process. Sometimes the artwork can be abandoned for a time, and only later be ready to fully exist as it was meant to.

Ceramics is an ocean without a bottom, beckoning the artist to dive into its waters again and again. Uncertainty mixes with instinct as I explore the mystery of sculpture, trying to go deeper into the process of creation.

Asmae Laraqui